Being different is beautiful

Our products celebrate our differences, promote inclusion, and build self-esteem.

Sewn by hand using new materials only, only one stuffed animal of each design is made.

Suitable for everyone young at heart. Start your collection today!

Unique, just like you

Everything we do at Your Unique Friends centers around love and acceptance - of others and of ourselves.

We believe our products will send an inspiring message to anyone who may struggle with embracing their identity, self-expression, a special need, a disability, or afear of rejection.

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  • Packaging

    We take pride in our commitment to sustainability, thoughfully packaging each item with biodegradable cellophane that can be composted.

  • Filler

    We employ fully biodegradable packing peanuts, composed entirely of starch and designed to dissolve in water.

  • Shipping

    To minimize the environmental footprint of our shipping process, we use thin wall cardboard boxes and thinner tape.

  • A portion of each sale is donated to the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA).